Axevalla Folk High School

The school is situated in the county of Västra Götaland, 8 kilometers from Skara along road 49 towards Skövde.

The school estableshed its organisation as early as 1873 in Ullervad near Mariestad. After five years they moved to Stenstorp and relocated to Axvall in 1923.

Previously, the school was called Skaraborgs läns folkhögskola and had The County of Skaraborg as responsible authority up until 1982. The current responsible authority is Stiftelsen för Axevalla Folkhögskola.

The school has accomodation for approximately 60 boarding students.

The organisation in Stockholm is primarily intended to meet the educational and cultural needs of Swedish-Finnish students. The responsible authority is anxious in developing the co-operation between different language- and cultural groups.

phone +46 (0) 511 26 970
fax +46 (0) 511 26 999
mail info@axevalla.fhsk.se